Digital Art Inspiration fron  Nikita Veprikov 

on deviantART, on Behance

Nikita Veprikov is an amazing 22 years old CG artist from Ukraine! Combining digital painting with retouching and 3D modeling he managed to develop incredible art skills.

He started working with 3D Studio Max in 2005, when a friend told him this is the program used by film makers. Even if at first working with 3D software was only curiosity, after a while it became desire for excellence.

In his effort to grow as an artist, he recently started to study arts, learning more about drawing, composition, color theory and other instruments he can use to improve his work.

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Jerome Herr is a 39 year old from Luxembourg who does IT work in a museum. After finishing high school in 1995 he was interested in 3D computing and computer arts but at the time he was unable to study it. When he discovered Processing last year, he was amazed. Using Processing he could finally take advantage of his logical and creative sides. For now, he does his creative coding as a hobby but who knows what the future holds. He posts his work on Tumblr as p5art.



My friends find interesting things.
I don’t know what can I say. Dear author, you made ​​my day XDD Nice try


My friends find interesting things.

I don’t know what can I say. Dear author, you made ​​my day XDD Nice try


Cellphone Notification Trolling

If you want to really mindfuck someone, learn to imitate their cellphone’s notification noises. It’s the kind of prank that has the power to send any potential victim into a Pavlov fit of insanity, or at the very least piss them off until they catch on. That’s exactly what Manfred Hanberg did to his friend who has no idea he’s been trolled until after checking his phone several times.






Best moment in the whole series.

The Boulder is over his conflicted feelings.

In an alternate reality where “The Last Airbender” movie was good, I like to believe that in the Book 2 movie, they cast Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as The Boulder without a lick of irony.

Kickstarter to redo the Avatar the Last Airbender movie, and then have the second one with The Rock in it for this reason because THAT’S THE BEST FUCKING IDEA ANY FANDOM HAS EVER HAD

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Have you ever been stung by a jellyfish? Want to know what was actually happening? First ever footage (that I’ve seen) of an actual jellyfish sting in microscopic slow motion. Check it out! 

This makes at least two times that Destin has captured something that no one has ever seen before via YouTube (here’s the other). We live in amazing times, eh?

Next time you look at a jelly, venomous or otherwise, I hope you carry a bit of awe with you. Remember, even the most basic creatures are products of hundreds of millions of years of intricate natural selection and evolution, and their simplicity should not take away from their wonder.