League of Legends Match History

Every once in a while, you get a game that challenges you intensely, but also exhilarates you to the point where you are cracking up at your computer after an intense and very close game.

This was one of those games. Whoever wrote the program directly responsible for putting me with those teammates is a person whose hand I would love to shake, because the teamwork and coordination that we displayed in order to pull the game from an early defeat to a strongly fought victory is something that you rarely see between people who don’t know each other and have to communicate in the heat of “battle”.

Epic Karthus ults into Akali burst kills into Teemo slows and a Cassiopeia to chase down survivors… Ah, truly a combination to behold. And let us not forget the Garen to soak up damage and keep us alive from enemy ults so that we can frantically ping and organize ourselves to attack. Truly, a team comp to behold.

Thank you Riot for that match. Double thumbs up from this summoner.


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Digital Art Inspiration fron  Nikita Veprikov 

on deviantART, on Behance

Nikita Veprikov is an amazing 22 years old CG artist from Ukraine! Combining digital painting with retouching and 3D modeling he managed to develop incredible art skills.

He started working with 3D Studio Max in 2005, when a friend told him this is the program used by film makers. Even if at first working with 3D software was only curiosity, after a while it became desire for excellence.

In his effort to grow as an artist, he recently started to study arts, learning more about drawing, composition, color theory and other instruments he can use to improve his work.

(via littlelimpstiff14u2)


Jerome Herr is a 39 year old from Luxembourg who does IT work in a museum. After finishing high school in 1995 he was interested in 3D computing and computer arts but at the time he was unable to study it. When he discovered Processing last year, he was amazed. Using Processing he could finally take advantage of his logical and creative sides. For now, he does his creative coding as a hobby but who knows what the future holds. He posts his work on Tumblr as p5art.